10 PhD Dissertation Writing Tips

Writing a dissertation can be challenging because of the volume of research you ought to do. However, it is a culmination of your PhD programme; thus, you need to take it seriously and give it your all. It is necessary to seek the help of your supervisor and colleagues as they may have more dissertation writing tips that you could find helpful when writing your paper. Here are a few tips to help you find it easy to write your dissertation.

  1. Having a schedule

As you handle your dissertation writing section by section or chapter by chapter, have deadlines set beforehand. With deadlines, you become more organized and aware of what you are to cover each day. On your dissertation writing schedule, allocate time to do your dissertation when energized and perform the best when concentration is required.

  1. Starting to writing

With a plan on how you will arrange your work, start typing to get your arguments straight as you continue writing. Avoid procrastination that you will do it later.

  1. Rewriting and revising is unavoidable

Your first draft of your dissertation paper is not the final draft that you will submit to your supervisor. Thus, your sentences do not need to be perfect on the first attempt when you begin to type. After the first draft, rewriting and revising is crucial to refining your subsequent draft.

  1. Being flexible

Sometimes you cannot control all happenings around you, meaning that you may miss some deadlines. Flexibility is one of the writing tips for dissertation that is essential as writer’s block can happen and you get stuck in your writing. Setting your deadlines earlier can help create a buffer when you need to get work done later.

  1. Writing the introduction last

Without full knowledge of what your final draft will be like, avoid starting with the introduction. You can easily get stuck if you are focused on writing an introduction without the body section of your dissertation. At the end of your writing, you can easily gather thoughts of what you have covered and write an ideal introduction.

  1. Moving around

Some paragraphs or sections may be challenging to write, and you may get stuck. For such difficult sections, you could skip and move to straightforward sections to save on time.

  1. Getting feedback

Seeking early feedback for completed sections from your supervisor is among the dissertation writing tips that can save you a lot of your effort. A supervisor who prefers frequent feedback about your work progress can provide alerts to sections you have not tackled well. With early feedback, you can make necessary revisions earlier before due dates.

  1. Taking care of yourself

Writing is easier when you are energetic and in a good physical and mental state. Remember to eat, exercise, rest and sleep enough you have a clear mind whenever you sit to write your dissertation.

  1. Taking breaks

When writing a dissertation paper, you may get tempted to drown yourself in researching and writing for long periods without breaks. It is highly recommended that you take breaks and involve yourself in social activities to prevent burning yourself out.

  1. Working with a reference manager

A reference manager like Endnote makes it easy for you to access the references you have used in your dissertation paper to cite them easily. You will not have stress tracking them down or citing your work after writing the chapters.