Case Study Dissertation Writing Tips

Writing a case study dissertation is a requirement for the completion of your master’s studies. Your dissertation can be quantitative or qualitative, depending on your topic choice and your approach to presenting your arguments. A dissertation proves your in-depth understanding of matters related to the course you’re studying and is an opportunity for you to learn new concepts.

How to use case study in dissertation

You can use a case study in a practical sense to write your dissertation. A case study is one convenient method of research that can save you time and costs of travelling to several research areas to gather information for your dissertation. Using a case study is a highly attractive proposition; however, you need to be aware of its limitations.

To write a good case study dissertation, you need to consider some critical issues so as not to lower the value, reliability and credibility of your paper that contributes a great deal to your master’s degree. Here are some key issues to pay attention to when you are determined to write an excellent case study dissertation:

  1. Clarity on the purpose of the research

When writing a case study dissertation, be crystal clear as to the purpose of conducting your research. The purpose of your research talks more about the quality of your paper in providing insight that other scholars can use to expand their arguments. 

  1. Justification of the selection of case study

It would be best if you justified the choice of the specific case you resorted to studying. The choice of the case study should show that your dissertation is focused on filling the existing gaps in research. Therefore, you should prove that your approach comes with a new perspective that has not been explored before.

  1. Description of the selected case in relation to other case studies of the same type

As you write your case study dissertation, remember to describe the case you have chosen to use in your study. Also, provide a comparison of your choice of case study to other case studies of the same type to build on your content. With such an approach, you will get to make practical sense and show your reader your in-depth understanding of the arguments you are presenting in your dissertation.

  1. Explanation of the basis that generalizations are made

When writing a case study dissertation, you will make generalizations based on your findings at some point. It is necessary to explain any generalization you make in your dissertation writing to provide more clarity to the reader of your paper.


When writing a case study dissertation, you may get stuck because it is an approach most colleagues avoid when writing their papers. You can get a case study dissertation example at to help you write and format your work. Make sure to consult your supervisor on the best examples you could use to understand how to write your case study dissertation paper. Also, be keen on the dissertation case study structure you use. When stuck, make use of all available resources and knowledgeable personnel to ensure your work is excellent.

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