Studio Art Senior Thesis Tips & Answers to Frequent Questions

Are you a studio arts senior? Are you encountering a thesis that is stressing you out?  If so, then this article contains some details that might interest you. In this article, we shall focus primarily on the thesis side of studio arts. We shall try to provide answers to frequently asked questions about the course. We shall also provide tips on how to maneuver your way through a studio art thesis successfully. Hence follow along as we unravel this exciting topic.

What is Studio Art Major?

Studio art is typically the creation of visual art through drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, sculptures, glass, printmaking design, or fiber. You can also define studio art as art made in a studio.

Studio art programs typically prepare the student to creatively contribute to cultural and social discourses which shape contemporary society.

What do Art Studio Majors do?

Studio art major students are mostly found in the studio being creative. They are constantly working on new art and putting into practice all the knowledge that they learn.

What does an Art Majors Thesis Paper entail?

A thesis in the studio arts program typically entails a body with visual work. The body is then supplemented by a 10 to 12 pages written document. The thesis is actually a full-year “academic” commitment that commences in the fall of the senior year. You are therefore required to work on the thesis with pure dedication to gain good results.

Another essential point to note is that the final product is exhibited at the college’s art museum.

Frequently asked questions

What makes you Eligible to undertake a Thesis?

Each student undertaking majors in studio arts is initially qualified to undertake a thesis. However, the department chooses a few students to continue with their project mid-fall semester. Students that are selected to continue with their projects are those that have shown significant progress. The second progress check occurs in spring by the committee.

Is the Thesis selection decision reconsidered throughout an Academic Year?

The decision, once made, is pretty firm. However, even the choose few students are still monitored closely as they work on their projects. If the committee finds that a student is lagging behind and not making constant progress, they can take away the student’s thesis privileges.

The second evaluation, which occurs in spring, is the full thesis evaluation by the committee.

If a Student is not chosen to Continue with their Project, will they still have to present their Project to the College Exhibition?

The answer to this question is yes. The exhibition is pretty much a requirement that you have to fulfill. The art exhibition has a reception. The art faculty attend the art exhibition plus the art community.

When should you meet with an outside Reviewer if your Project is chosen?

Once you select your reviewer, ensure you invite them to your studio to check on your project. The outside reviewer can act as a pretty adamant source of guidance for your thesis.


A major in studio art comes hand in hand with a thesis. However, with determination and endurance, you will find it easy to tackle all obstacles that come with the thesis. We hope the tips provided in this article will help you prepare for your thesis efficiently.

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