Ph.D. in Studio Art: Degree Programs Specifications

If you want to advance in your studio art field, the highest degree you will get is an MFA (Master of Fine Arts). Other programs related to the studio art field have Ph.D. degrees. In this article, you will get more insight into the standard courses. You will also get programs, concentrations, prerequisites, and art studio degree options in MFA and how you can get a Ph.D. in studio art.

An MFA is the topmost degree program that an individual to become a professional artist can get. Other programs under the same field can make you become an art teacher in an institution. It takes between two to three years to complete the course. You will understand the present and the past world art as you enhance your artistic skills. You will also access artistic mediums and collaborate with some. They will help you to get your work critiques as you enjoy the studio art degree salary.

Most of the institutions offer this MFA course in an on-campus setting. In other institutions, you can have the option of getting hybrid formats. You will combine on-campus time with at-home studio work. You will access your courses online. See the details below:

  • Online availability: Hybrid MFA programs
  • Prerequisites: Portfolio, recommendation letters and related bachelor’s degree
  • Curriculum: Academic and studio courses, art history along side teaching seminars and work exhibitions as an end project.
  • Concentrations: Photography, painting, digital media, ceramics and metals
  • Similar doctorate programs: PhD in criticism, art theory and art history.
  • Media salary: All fine artists on average get USD 52,340
  • Job outlook: All fine artists including sculptors, illustrators and painters have a one percent growth.

To enroll for this MFA, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. A visual arts degree in some scenarios is vital for enrolment to take place. The institutions can consider any other degree. You only need to meet the specified art history credits number. You will need to have a bachelor of fine arts or anything equivalent to it in other institutions. You should submit recommendation letters alongside your degree application FAQ. It’s also vital to give your recent work portfolio.

While taking the course, you will get art history, studio, and academic courses. More emphasis will be on studio courses. Other programs will include chances to connect with visitor artists and teaching seminars. You will closely work with a mentor or advisor to check your growth progress in this field. In the final semester, you will present your thesis as an exhibition.

Most MFA programs will need you to choose a specific medium to advance and specialize in it. Most of the course hours will be in that area of specialization. You have the freedom to choose any secondary specialization offered in this field.

The MFA program has several art disciplines, among which you can choose your medium. They include metals, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and printmaking. Photography, illustration, and electronic and digital media are also included.

The MFA is the highest studio art degree offered in any institution of higher learning. You have an option to further to a doctoral degree from related fields. You can advance up to the doctorate level in other fields like art history, art theory, and art criticism. Most of these Ph.D. programs in studio art will need a dissertation, qualifying exams, and language exams.

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